Spelunky!  It’s always a pleasure when I get to boot my XBox 360 to play the fantastic Derek Yu masterpiece that is Spelunky.  But while infuriating procedural adventures are swell, the real treat for me is in the funky FM soundtrack provided by Eirik Suhrke.  I remember reading early posts about the soundtrack which received mixed reviews from fans, and I remember thinking: “these people are CRAZY - how can you NOT enjoy a heavily-jazz influenced live jam session infused FM soundtrack,” and that’s EXACTLY what you’ll get with the Spelunky Original Soundtrack (you’ll also get some killer chiptunes, but that’s not what I came for, just a nice treat).

If I were to describe the whole experience, I’d basically tell you that an Adlib got drunk with a hot betty from the Fillmore and made these sweet, sweet sounds. I mean, how can you pass on a live saxophone solo in the middle of a this end credits groove? (it’s not that you can’t, it’s that you shouldn’t)

My only qualm with this soundtrack is the presentation of the tracks. We’re not treated to any looping tracks or fadeouts, and Eirik is keen to move from one catchy hook to a turnaround, to another equally incredible hook. The trouble here is that you’ll definitely want to hear these each more than once, even if the whole album plays gaplessly very nicely.

All in all, buy this soundtrack.  Then tell your friends you bought it.  Then you can buy it again if you want, I don’t know - do what you like.

My top picks: Temple A, Mines B, and Wrath of Yama.  But like I said, the whole thing is good.  Protip: Make a playlist with the whole soundtrack, and duplicate the tracks you love back to back.  Thank me later.

- Josh