Globulous Original Soundtrack

A puzzle game like Globulous, really requires something that’ll not just compliment the experience, but enhance it. From this soundtrack, I really feel that. The combination of bitcrushed beats and synthetic arpeggios flying through an array of beautiful acoustic instruments from guitar, to violins, a beautiful distant piano (Cliff Sine is a notable one!) , and an array of combinations that just meld together, rather than clash. 

A subtle array of rhythmic elements here and there keep the music pulsing forward without making it too energetic, for a puzzle game, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

A favourite track of mine is actually Cliff Sine, I get a real Super Mario Galaxy vibe from the spaced out arrangement, and the instrumentation. Really lovely. And Stone Clockwise, which is used in the trailer 

Fantastic work by Zircon and Jeff Ball, I’ll be eager to hear more collaborations from these two!

- Chris